SyBIT Tech Days are thematic workshops organized by SyBIT to foster information exchange among SyBIT partners and the projects in general. The topics are always (bio)informatical, technical or technology oriented.


2014 Oct.1Galaxy Workshop - Event Page
2014 Jun.11-135th SyBIT Retreat, Leukerbad
2014 Feb.26Bioinformatics Software Deployment - possible CRUS project definition and preparation, Bern
2013 Jun.12-144th SyBIT Retreat, Leukerbad
2013 Feb.20New Projects, Phase 2
2012 Oct.3Galaxy Workshop - Event Page
2012 Jul.4Proteomics in SyBIT
2012 Mar.26-283rd SyBIT Retreat - Leukerbad
2011 Nov.23Infrastructure topics - storage and analysis
2011 May.25HCS tools, Genomics tools
2011 Feb.23-252nd SyBIT Retreat - Leukerbad
2010 Nov.24Screening technology (openBIS and iBrain2). Various other topics for information : bFabric, UHTS, SWITCH-AAI, SwiNG
2010 Apr.28openBIS, KNIME and iBrain2 - Workflows in general
2010 Feb.3-51st SyBIT Retreat - Rigi Kaltbad
2009 Nov.18SyBIT community meetings at the All-SystemsX Day in Bern.