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Minutes Training Aug 5, 2010

openBIS Access

Some public data from Pelkmans Lab will be used in the training, all training participants have access to this data during the training (after the training observer roles for non-Pelkmans lab members will be released).
Log in to openBIS in the Pelkmans Lab using your ETHZ login.
Special accounts have been created for non-ETHZ users.

Useful information

  • if you want to be informed about the new features of openBIS, subscribe yourself to the mailing list
  • if you want openBIS to be extended somehow, just send an email to Tomasz Pylak <Tomasz.Pylak at> or edit the requests page
  • Administrator of Pelkmans Lab openBIS: Emanuel Schmid <emanuel at> from SyBIT project.
  • LMC has their own openBIS at Administrator: Kozak Karol <karol.kozak at>
  • for developers: tutorial how to connect to openBIS from Matlab or Java
  • Presentation shown at Training

Screen casts

This screencast shows you how you can query for images where a gene of interest has been silenced. Click on the image to watch the screen cast. 3:04

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