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news from Kaloyan Enimanev

starting from S117 we offer a new unified installation bundle for openBIS
containing both AS (Application Server) and DSS (Data Store Server).
On the Sprint Releases Wiki page there are now new download links named
"Installation and Upgrade Wizard (AS+DSS)" pointing to these installer
packages for generic and screening installations.

Let us give you a short overview of the advantages offered by
the new installation package.

Admin scripts

Old-style installations required the manual download of administration
scripts from the CISD SVN repository. This is no longer needed as
the administration scripts are part of the installation package.
As a consequence, installations are getting exactly the admin scripts
they need to work, i.e. they no longer rely on (possibly changing) contents of
our Subversion trunk.

Consistent directory structure

The new installation mandates the following directory structure:

+ bin/
+ servers/
+ openBIS-server/
+ datastore_server/

Having a well-defined directory structure is important for administrators,
who need to understand an existing openBIS installation quickly.
It is also the only way to have standard upgrade procedures.

Simplified upgrade procedure

Generic and screening installations of the new type will be upgraded
by downloading a binary tarball and firing a single command from the
console. For more details on the upgrade process, please have a
look at the openBIS setup guide :

IMPORTANT: In the long term we would like to switch all existing installations to
use the new installation/upgrade process.

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