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At the Rigi Retreat (February 2010) software quality standards had been discussed. Here is a preliminary proposal for a charter.


Every developer in SyBIT commits to the following minimum quality standards:

  • Source code is managed in a source code management system, preferable Subversion or a system which can work seamlessly with a Subversion repository, such as git.
  • Coding standards (especially for formatting and naming conventions) are applied. Coding Style Guidelines
  • Productive code is covered by automated tests.
  • Source code includes comments to make it easy for other developers to understand the code. 13 Tips to Comment Your Code
  • Software is delivered with documentations for the users. This might include
    • administration guides
    • installation scripts
    • tutorials
  • Try to avoid reinventing the wheel: First look and evaluate existing software, third-party libraries, data standards.
  • Software evaluations should be made available for other SyBIT developer on the SyBIT Wiki.
Other topics which had been discussed
  • It should be made easy for a user to report bugs and change request.
  • It should be easy for the user to figure out which version of the software he or she is using.
  • What about a central SyBIT help desk Web site?
  • The charter should be not more than one (printed) page. Each point should have a link to an introductory page on the topic.
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