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Please let me know if I can help with this, or try the following procedure yourself.

Preferred methodology:
1. get username/password from Ela
2. go to ZORA web page, Log in.
3. Select option IMPORT ITEMS. Paste PubMED ID, one per line, into the box. Select import Format "PUBMED ID" and press "test run + import"
4. click on paper, select edit option to edit the details, upload the pdf of the paper. for open access the final pdf, for other journals the author's copy (post-print, as defined below), without final journal typesetting
5. Editing: for option "communities and collections" select and your project (two selections are done separately, one by one)
6. Editing: under Details: check ITEM SUB_TYPE and REFEREED status, adjust as needed
7. select the correct copyright status
8. Check and if you want to, change your status to EDITOR and MOVE to repository

Definition, from ZORA:

Accepted manuscript (author's post-print): the version that the authors wrote last and that was accepted for publication by the publisher. It is styled by the authors, ideally in PDF format (complete version: text and figures), and includes any revisions that the authors made during the review process. Thus its scientific content is identical with the published version, although it lacks the publisher's layout, logos and pagination. Please remove comments, coloured corrections and line markings (example of an accepted manuscript).

Quality guidance from ZORA, see zora16thNov2010.pdf

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Rachel Benzies


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Plant Growth

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Silvia Gluderer


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Cell Plasticity

Isabella Bogdal




Stephanie Fischer



SyBIT, Ela Hunt


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