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Compare images across more than one experiment.

In the Wells Reviewing Panel one can choose to search within one or more experiments

Search for genes by gene id or gene description

The Wells Reviewing Panel allows searching for genes not only by gene symbol, but also by gene id. Additionally, you can specify any property as a search criterion, e.g. part of the description. In such a case you need to uncheck the "Exact Matches Only" option.

Compare images from one siRNA (or one compound)

It is possible to compare images not only for one gene, but also for any other material (e.g. compound) in a well from all experiments in the Material Detail View.

Time series of images can be stored and displayed

Browse all materials (e.g. genes, siRNAs, compounds) used in an experiment

There is a new tab Well Materials in experiment detail view.
It shows the list of all materials (e.g. genes, siRNAs, compounds) used in an experiment.
E.g. one can display all the genes which were suppressed in the experiment and click on a chosen gene to display:

  • all the wells where gene has been suppressed
  • all images acquired for these wells

In the example below all siRNAs of one experiment are shown:

List of materials can be exported to Excel. Previously it was possible to export only the content of one plate.

Genes are uniquely identified by GeneID (Entrez Gene, NCBI)

Previously they were identified by Gene Symbol.

Merged view of images for up to 6 channels can be displayed

Previously it was possible only for up to three channels.

Material and property type OLIGO has been renamed to SIRNA

Plugins which will allow openBIS to integrate with iBRAIN have been written

CISD worked on some basic requirements which have been identified:

  • create samples and experiments on the fly
  • calculate automatically plate geometry
  • store original file name as a dataset property
  • configure Biozentrum datastore server to use the updated plugin

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