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SyBIT's manpower has been distributed accross Switzerland and integrated into the teams of the most important local service providers for the following reasons:

  • Assure that all local requirements, methods, procedures, services, solutions, etc are made known to each other
  • Enable the sharing of tools and resources, opening the path to various economies of scale
  • Assure that supported tools and services can be easily integrated in each environment, and that they will actually be used (work around 'not-invented-here' effect).
  • Facilitate standardization, introduce minimal quality standards, build up trust among the institutes

Internal communications are therefore paramount to SyBIT's success and simply have to work. These are probably the most important guidelines of the project.

Team Communications

SyBIT team members can communicate through the following channels:

  • Mailinglists
    • sybit-all reaches all members. To be used for announcements and information
    • sybit-discuss reaches all members. To be used for internal discussions, questions, etc. Feel free to send anything you may feel is of interest to the group to this list.
    • Mailinglists dedicated to projects can be set managed on Send a mail to sybit to request a new list if you have no authorization to create one yourself
  • Voice
    • Phone The sybit member area on the wiki lists everyone's contact details.
    • Skype Everyone must have a Skype account and publish it in the sybit-members area on the wiki. For one-on-one communications, chat, sharing items instantaneously skype is a powerful and useful tool.
    • Teleconference We use the SWITCH telecon system, which is also H323 capable for videoconferencing. Everyone can reserve a conference slot.
  • Chatroom
    • We run an ejabberd instance which can be used to create chatrooms for focussed project work. It is good practice to have a chatroom window open while engaged in a project involving people in different locations.
  • Wiki
    • SyBIT meeting agendas and minutes
    • Project spaces (each project has its separate space usually)
    • Documentation of software
  • Blog
    • The SyBIT blog is completely public
    • Used mostly to report ongoing discussions of the project manager
    • Can contain any other report or news item
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