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Management Board and SEB

The SyBIT Management Board is elected by the Executive Board. There are currently 3 members in the management board (see below).

Responsibilities : Oversight over the project, final decision making concerning overall strategies and disputes that cannot be resolved within the project.

Coordination Team and Project Manager

As the name suggests, the Coordination Team is responsible for the coordination of SyBIT. It is led by the SyBIT Project Manager. It reports to the Management Board and is constituted by delegates of the participating SyBIT partner institutes. Projects are approved and monitored by the Coordination Team.

Responsibilities: Management of the overall project, working out the project plan, the project strategies. Definition and enforcement of all processes, approval, creation and oversight of SyBIT projects. Reporting to the MB and SEB.

Partner Institutions and RTDs.

The SyBIT partner institutions are tightly collaborating with SyBIT and participate in all major decisions concerning strategy and planning of the project. SyBIT is funding people at most of these institutions or is ready to invest into joint projects. The SyBIT projects are always very closely tied to the Research, Technology and Development (RTD) project's needs.

Responsibilities: Participation in SyBIT tasks and projects, definition of requirements. Execution of tasks and the actual work.

SyBIT Projects

The SyBIT projects are initiated directly by the RTDs or the Communities. Internal SyBIT projects are also possible when clear needs are identified. For each SyBIT project members of SyBIT and members of the RTDs or Communities will closely cooperate and work together on the project's goals. Optimally, the projects are led by the RTDs to assure that the project results are relevant and are put to immediate use.

Responsibilities: Definition of requirements, milestones and task lists, delivery according to the same. Reporting and documenting results and issues to the coordination team.


The SyBIT partner institutions are already experts in technology and platform provisioning and support. In order to generate economies of scale and foster information exchange, SyBIT will attach itself to existing interest groups or create new ones involving the relevant partners for each pipeline. The teams discuss standards, common best practice and strategic joint developments. SyBIT projects can also be initiated by the pipeline teams. One special pipeline team is the computing infrastructure team, with representatives of the computing and storage resource providers of all participating institutions.

Responsibilities: Definition of standards, agreement on methods, interfaces. Requirements gathering and initiation of new SyBIT Projects.

User Forum

The RTDs can provide additional feedback on SyBIT through the User Forum. The forum is organised as a workshop at least once a year where results are shown, issues and concerns are shared and fed back to SyBIT.

Responsibilities: Inform SyBIT on issues.

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