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Problem Definition

How do we communicate with our 'customers' and 'users'. How do we make sure they know what we provide.

  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Visibility
  • Commitment


Results, recommendations


Community management is regular recurring work, and people have to be allocated to this.

Discussions in the plenum

Q: HPC-CH meetings as an example. Usefulness of it?

A: You know the people from the meetings, and who is expert in what. The barrier to contact them with questions is lower. Great for networking.

Q: Who is in charge of organizing the distributed meetings at Vital-IT/Swissprot?

A: Secretariat builds the list 6 months in advance. 2 talks a week, these are planned a long time in advance, there are reminders sent, before the presentation there is another email..

Q: Active management of community process?

A: Yes, and giving a talk is mandatory. Attending the same day same hour each week is known so people can make it.


  • Quite often the barrier to enter into communication is high, like people like the idea of a wiki page for communication but then nobody contributes
  • Keep up the overhead and interest in internal meetings is difficult. If you have several sites, the meetings can be streamed to several locations.


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