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The SyBIT Blueprint is defining the processes and internal structure of SyBIT. It gives the global view, connecting all tasks and structuring the work.

Standard Operating Procedures

The details for each larger process are defined through the Standard Operating Procedures SOP. The Blueprint points to all SOPs.

Working Instructions

A SOP itself will point to specific instructions detailed in individual Working Instructions WI.


Blueprint Contents


SyBIT is a complex project in a sense that the SyBIT people are dispersed over 6 locations (maybe even more in the future), and working on many sub-projects and tasks. This is of course by construction so that local issues can be addressed directly and local solutions can be understood and disseminated throughout Good communication within SyBIT is essential for the success of the project. The following tools are being used for communication.

Public communication instruments

  • Website: The public webpages give a very quick overview of SyBIT and contain a link to the Wiki pages.
  • SyBIT Wiki: The wiki pages of SyBIT are by default public, ie. visible by the world. This is necessary so that people can find easily what we do. The wiki is basically the homepage of SyBIT, but instead of a web solution it is much more dynamic and can be updated by anyone in SyBIT easily, which is necessary in this dynamic project.
  • Project Wikis: Each SyBIT subproject will have its own wiki space which is linked from the SyBIT wiki. These spaces can be restricted to the people working on the project, or be opened up - this is being decided by the project participants.
  • SyBIT Blog: The Blog is maintained by the SyBIT manager and the coordination team. It is also public (open to everyone) and serves to inform the SyBIT members but also the partners of internal and external interactions, events, pointers and the like.

Furthermore, there will be regular SyBIT news in the 'Xflash' and 'Xletter' publications.
Once services and software are in use and supported by SyBIT, there will also be dedicated courses to educate our users.

Details: Public Communication Guidelines

Internal communication instruments

  • Mailinglists: The mailinglist server at provides several mailinglists for SyBIT's internal communication. New lists can be created for any project that needs it.
  • Conference Calls: Switch has a teleconferencing facility that can be reserved for telephone or even videoconferencing given the right equipment. This service is being used by SyBIT for internal calls.
  • Phone and Skype: Skype and Phone addresses of all SyBIT people are available to each other on one of the protected wiki pages of SyBIT so that people can contact each other easily and quickly.
  • Meetings: There are several types of meetings, see separate section below.

Details: Internal Communication Guidelines

Decision Making

The diagram on the Organization of SyBIT describes the various bodies of SyBIT. Decisions are made at all levels concerning the work in the current scope. The detailed responsibilities and escalation steps that can be taken are described in the SOP.

Details: Decision Making Guidelines

External Communication

Interactions with RTDs
Interactions with Community

Details: External Communication Guidelines

SyBIT Projects

Running projects
Individual Projects
Projects with SCRUM - Charter

Quality System

Bug handling



Data Management

Data Lifecycle
Access Control

Knowledge Management

Publications: reachable via Internal Management

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