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Here is a list of interesting Bioinformatics Blogs (it comes from here ), please feel free to add any new blog you think is releveant to SyBit:

Fisheye Perspective : A Blog about Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics, Science and Life in general- by Abhishek Tiwari.
What You´re Doing is Rather Desperate: Notes from the life of a bioinformatics researcher
Blind Scientist
Yokofakun: A blog about bioinformatics, semantic web, comics and social networks
DigitalBio: discovering biology in a digital world
Saaen Tist: On bioinformatics and personal productivity.
Byte Size Biology: The musings and ravings of a computational biologist about science, computers, music and, you know, stuff.
It´s Not Easy being Genes.
Manuel Corpas´Blog: Genomes, Internet, Bioethics and More…
Mailund on the Internet: Computer science, bioinformatics, genetics, and everything in between.
Blue Collar Bioinformatics
Omics! Omics!:A computational biologist’s personal views on new technologies & publications on genomics & proteomics and their impact on drug discovery
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